When it comes to the design aesthetic behind Tokyo designer Masahiko Maruyama’s Nude:mm, it’s all about keeping things simple. Stripping his looks of all decoration and embellishment, Maruyama makes sure that simple yet superb designs and a distinctive silhouette come through. Taking his cue from the emerging trend for draped and elongated silhouettes in the form of oversized jumpers and dropped crotch trousers, he mixes a strong streetwear style in the form of silk bomber jackets and high top trainers for a thoroughly modern and unique finish.


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  • Nude:MM

    Bag Vest

    ฿ 38,357.36
  • Nude:MM

    Printed Cotton T-shirt

    ฿ 9,647.98
  • Nude:MM

    Sleeveless Cotton Dress

    ฿ 34,142.10
  • Nude:MM

    Cotton T-shirt

    ฿ 21,518.77
  • Nude:MM

    Printed Jacket

    ฿ 50,231.79
  • Nude:MM

    Printed Wide-leg Pants

    ฿ 35,621.58