Tabitha Simmons


Few people can boast a career that includes styling for the iconic Dazed and Confused magazine and a roster of friends that includes Miranda Kerr, but that’s exactly what led Tabitha Simmons to launch her eponymous shoe label in 2009. With the designs handmade in Italy by master cobblers, Simmons uses exquisite materials including exotic skins and suede with embellishments including embroidery and embellishments for a collection that leans heavily on her British roots for inspiration and has a strong emphasis on stylish wearability with an eclectic twist.


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  • Tabitha Simmons

    Hermione Festival Flats

    ฿ 35,784.87
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Senna Festival Heels

    ฿ 36,844.81
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Tessa Wedges

    ฿ 21,404.92
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Leticia Heels

    ฿ 28,258.27
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Lassie Slippers

    ฿ 25,421.06
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Hermione Black Velvet Mary-Jane Flats

    ฿ 28,918.89
  • Tabitha Simmons

    Ginger Strappy Suede Black Pumps

    ฿ 32,836.16