Combining the precision and detail of traditional Japanese workmanship with an interest in a unique and modern aesthetic, Mitsuru Nishizaki’s main focus for his label Ujoh is to create an elegantly mannish look. Using the skills he learnt as a pattern cutter with Yohji Yamamoto and combining them with an array of materials and hues including silks and cobalt blues, what follows is a thoroughly modern, cleverly created collection of wardrobe staples that are sure to stand the test of fashion time.


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  • Ujoh

    Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

    ฿ 32,158.53
  • Ujoh

    Biarritz Bare Jersey Top

    ฿ 12,487.01
  • Ujoh

    Floral Drawcord Tank Top

    ฿ 26,652.42
  • Ujoh

    Layered Wool Culottes

    ฿ 33,936.98
  • Ujoh

    Monochrome Drawcord Dress

    ฿ 31,493.95
  • Ujoh

    Tiered Flared Skirt

    ฿ 21,038.88
  • Ujoh

    Wide Cuff Blouson

    ฿ 30,173.57