Yoshio Kubo


Known for his use of intricate and striking patterns, Yoshio Kubo’s background working for couturier, Robert Danes, can clearly be seen throughout his designs thanks to his skilful and intricate cuts and tailoring. With a focus on urban wear, his use of fabrics including cotton, polyester and nylon, across the likes of shorts, T-shirts and jackets are cut for a relaxed, comfortable feel.


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  • Yoshio Kubo

    Club21 Exclusive T-Shirt with Black Hem

    Regular Price: ฿ 10,354.60

    Special Price ฿ 7,248.22

  • Yoshio Kubo

    Fringed Cotton Shirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 18,199.84

    Special Price ฿ 7,279.94

  • Yoshio Kubo

    Oversized Hawaiian Shirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 14,624.97

    Special Price ฿ 7,312.49

  • Yoshio Kubo

    Printed Raincoat

    Regular Price: ฿ 11,699.70

    Special Price ฿ 5,849.85