Belle of the Ball

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Does anyone have fun anymore? According to legendary DJ Honey Dijon, not really. In an interview with Ssense, she wholeheartedly laments how “no one is bringing anything to the party!” So what’s missing? “You go to the club and no one’s wearing color, no one’s bringing attitude. They’re all standing there, wearing these bland clothes, looking at the DJ. I remember when I started going out I actually had to have a look or an attitude to get into the party. I was there because I was creating part of the atmosphere, not taking something away from it.”

She’s not alone in her thoughts. Fashion’s latest ambassador for glamour Michael Halpern also laments the absence of excitement and zeal, saying: “People used to get dressed up for things and now everything is so casual.”

There’s no legitimate excuses to this crisis. In recent seasons, legions of designers have resisted the forbidding conditions of our socio-political climate through bold, vibrant and colourful designs, encouraging its audience to release all inhibitions, dress up and get out there to dance together and fight together.

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