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The belief that colour coding one's accessories to one’s outfit is an archaic style rule is, perhaps, an archaic mentality altogether. After all, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that a central tenet of contemporary fashion involves throwing all rules out the door.

While all black or all white ensembles rarely get a bad rep, monochrome ensembles of less orthodox tones hardly experience a similar honour. Yellow shoes with a yellow suit? Why not.

Similarly, thanks to designers such as Alessandro Michele and Chitose Abe, the rising popularity of unrestrained excess and eccentric maximalism means that more people feel at liberty to experiment with unusual combinations of colours, materials and styles.

With so much on offer, who’s to tell you what to wear and how? In the words of Tim Blanks, Fashion’s master storyteller: “I’d rather die in extravaganza than heed the voice of propriety.”

*Please note that not all styles may be currently available.

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