Proud parents can now channel Parisian chic and transform their tiny tots into the world's best-dressed children. There is a good reason why Bonpoint is often called the "French childrenswear couture house". Established in 1975 by Marie-France Cohen and her husband, Bernard, it offers a crème de la crème range of merchandise that beautifully melds cute, practical designs with luxurious and comfortable threads. Designs that will bring a smile to everyone's face - the wearer and the admirer. Bonpoint also offers a selected range of delicate skincare products.


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  • Bonpoint

    Fleece Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 10,400.51

    Special Price ฿ 5,200.25

  • Bonpoint

    Letters Appliquéd T-Shirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 4,875.46

    Special Price ฿ 2,437.73

  • Bonpoint

    Light Gray Park Sandals

    Regular Price: ฿ 7,799.34

    Special Price ฿ 3,899.67

  • Bonpoint

    Light Heather Gray Socks

    Regular Price: ฿ 2,275.68

    Special Price ฿ 1,137.84

  • Bonpoint

    Light Heather Gray T-Shirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 7,475.23

    Special Price ฿ 3,737.62

  • Bonpoint

    Heathered Gray Polo Shirt

    Regular Price: ฿ 8,450.33

    Special Price ฿ 4,225.16

  • Bonpoint

    Printed Dots Changing Mat

    ฿ 3,574.87